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Join us for Shabbat on Campus!

Shabbat offers a unique opportunity to relax with your peers, 参加令人兴奋的社交活动,并从Roshei Yeshiva和客座演讲者那里获得见解. 数百名学生, on both the Wilf and Beren campuses, take part in the Shabbat programming each week. If you're looking for a one of a kind Shabbat experience, 和美味的食物, 洞察力的人, interactive programming and uplifting ruach, then on campus is the place to be for Shabbat!




1) Please first purchase your meal ticket at 收费






Things You Didn't Know 海洋之神 Shabb@Beren

  1. On average,160 women stay in for Shabbat each week.
  2. 我们每周都有校园拉比和瑞贝特,还有Av和Eim Bayit. 他们有超级可爱的孩子,他们也非常棒!
  3. 在过去的几个学期里,我们举办过Maccabeats、Ystuds、Jew In the City、Ms. Chevi Garfinkel, Busy in Brooklyn, and many other guests.
  4. 在学生的反馈和透过安息日促进委员会(SEC)的参与下,安息日不断改善。. They work tirelessly to make Shabbat happen each week.
  5. The only thing missing from Shabb@Beren is YOU!


To sign up for Shabbat, please visit 收费 and enter your credentials to purchase a meal ticket.

每周都有不同的嘉宾,有见地的shiurim和有趣的活动. 学生可以期待校园安息日是一个丰富和激动人心的经历!




安息日的定价Click here to view past flyers from Shabbat on Campus



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